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Client Testimonials


I was introduced to Phil by my cousin who is the Sheriff of Guadalupe County. Phil had represented him several years ago, and he thinks very highly of Phil. Since then, Phil has represented me in several matters including leasing my land for oil and gas, filing a mechanic’s lien in order to make sure I was paid by a former customer, negotiating easement issues near my house, and several real estate deals. I feel like I can call him at any time of the day or night, and he’s always willing to talk to me as long as it takes to help me better understand what’s going on.

Kasey Schneider ... Seguin, Texas


As the former San Patricio County Attorney, I have known and worked with Phil for many years as he represented the County in numerous issues including personal injury, civil rights violations, and even the re-negotiation of one of our municipal airports. As such, when my daughter and son-in-law and their company were sued by a former employee who was not covered by worker’s comp insurance, I immediately referred them to Phil. I cannot think of anyone I would trust more to protect my family in a legal matter!

David Aken


As the founder of Loss of Life Advocates, I help people both before and after the death of a loved one. A major aspect of LOLA is educating people about all of the issues arising out of the death of a loved one before it happens, and one of our strongest recommendations to clients is the need for a Last Will and Testament and general estate planning. I have referred numerous of my clients to Phil for the preparation of estate documents. Phil is patient and thorough and goes out of his way to help people understand what is going on and why. I feel completely comfortable referring clients of LOLA to him for their estate document needs.

Esther Pipoly ... Owner of Loss of Life Advocates, San Antonio, Texas.


My husband and I own a contracting company that builds custom homes and does home remodeling. Recently, we were subpoena’d to immediately provide a huge number of records and information in federal court case we were not even involved in. The cost to do so in both time and money would have been huge, as well as creating a major disruption to our daily business. Phil filed a motion with the court to quash the subpoena and was able to get the party demanding the records to give us the additional time we needed to gather all the information and to pay for all of the expense of doing so.

Tracy Konvicka ... South Texas Contracting

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